Find out more about our event series presenters:

From “When Language Runs Dry“:

When Language Runs Dry

Broken Hipster

From “Harm Reduction and Intervention“:

CAHOOTS (Project of the White Bird Clinic in Eugene, OR)

Yellow Brick Road Street Outreach (Project of Janus Youth Program in Portland, OR)

Rose City CopWatch (Portland, OR)

From “Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, and Safe Space Policies“:

Communities Against Rape and Assault (Seattle, WA)

“Taking Risks: Implementing Grassroots Community Accountability Strategies, by Communities Against Rape and Abuse (CARA)” from INCITE!’s anthology Color of Violence

From “Care Crisis, Economic Crisis and the Struggle for a New World“:

Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation by Silvia Federici

Auroras of the Zapatistas: Local & Global Struggles of the Fourth World War by Midnight Notes Collective

Midnight Oil: Work, Energy, Crisis by Midnight Notes Collective

Dicentra Materials and Resources

Workshop Pamphlet: “When Language Runs Dry” Chronic Pain & Illness”

Dicentra “Communities of Care” Zines & Resources in Portland

Dicentra Collective has partnered with infoshops and bookstores around Portland to provide books and zines for sale, as well as freely accessible zines and resources, addressing “creating communities of care”. Visit one of the participating spaces and seek out the “Dicentra Shelf”; if your space would like to participate contact distro (at) dicentracollective (dot) org

Participating Spaces: Blackrose Infoshop, Red & Black Cafe & In Other Words Women’s Books and Resources.

Dicentra Resource Online

Visit us at our etsy site if you want to buy some of the resources we have at our events.

Dicentra Collective Recommended Books, Zines and Resources. (Forthcoming)


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