Creating Communities of Care Event Series:

2nd Tuesday of Every Month!

6pm at In Other Words Womens Book’s & Resources

8 NE Killingsworth St (Portland, OR) –


Our monthly event series will be held at In Other Words on various dates, and additional workshops and programs will take place around Portland and the Northwest.


  • March & April 2009: Addressing Burnout, Stress & Care-Giving. 
  • May & June 2009: Addressing Mental Health.
  • July & August 2009: Addressing Trauma, Grief and Mourning.
  • September & October 2009: Addressing Prisons, Ex-Prisoners, Prisoner Support and Mental Health.



2 responses to “Events

  1. Hey! I am extremely excited about Dicentra, but am homeless in Eugene and unable to make it to Portland very often. Any plans on having events here? I’d really, REALLY like to talk about intervention and conflict resolution. Maybe ya’ll could have a presentation during the Against Patriarchy conference in May?

  2. The events I’ve been to have been good. I have some suggestions for further topics: aging and parenting.

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