Dicentra is a Portland, OR area collective actively engaged in creating radical communities of care, networks of support, and movements based on relationship building. With a focus on the Portland area – and interlinking with struggles across the United States and planet – Dicentra hosts workshops and discussions; initiates practical interventions around the provision of care, communication, and relationships in radical communities; produces knowledge and shares information about care in our communities and in society as a whole; explores positive practices around consent, interpersonal relationships, sexual relationships, and radical therapy; and provides space for the vast spectrum of experiences and stories effected by issues of care and support to express their voices and resonate with others.

The issues and experiences we are currently focusing on include:

  • Physical & chronic illness
  • Chronic pain
  • Mental illness
  • Sexual assault
  • Domestic violence
  • Trauma, grief & mourning
  • Radical care-giving
  • Those working in the care and medical industries (including, but not limited to, sex work, health care workers, unpaid “domestic & house work”, elder care)
  • Those intertwined with the prison industrial complex and systems of policing
  • Those experiencing the imposition of the gender binary and heteronormativity

Dicentra Collective is Meredith Butner, Claire Barrera, Amelia Cates, Jenna Goldin, & Karen Hixson.


One response to “About

  1. katya chizhayeva

    hi there
    this seems like an awsome project and i would really like to perhaps organize similar project in the bay. can you share on what your hx is as far as starting this collective, and if you will be putting on any written material on your web for folks to better access the info that you are presenting.
    Thank you

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