Dicentra Event for April 9th: Don’t Stress It!

don’t stress it:
understanding and dealing with stress in our daily lives.

Join the Dicentra Collective for April’s event “Don’t Stress It”. This month we will follow up on last month’s event of the same title with a workshop, speakers and discussion on stress and burnout in our communities. Our goal is to challenge cultural structures that place self care and care of each other outside of our definitions of “work”, “productivity” and what is means to be “active”. Additionally, we will be exploring concrete ways to prioritize and provide care at the individual and community levels.

Presentations from: Carole Zoom (artist & activist, http://www.carolezoom.com) and Jim Davis (Oregon Council of Senior Citizens, Gerontologist & Professor, University of Oregon)

Thursday, April 9th at 7pm
In other words women’s bookstore and resources
8 NE Killingswoth

Dicentra is a Portland, OR area collective actively engaged in creating radical communities of care, networks of support, and movements based on relationship building.

Dicentra Collective intends to create safe, learning space at our events. We ask that participants consider how their language and behavior impacts others in attendance. We are striving for a community that is supportive and inclusive. One where we are able to communicate and work to effectively resolve challenging situations. It will take the collective accountability and awareness of each of us to create this kind of environment. A support team will be available to address any issues that may arise during our events; if you find yourself in need of support please seek out members of our team who will be identified at the start of each event. Please visit http://www.dicentracollective.org for more information on our policies, procedures and support team.

If you need any accommodation for a special needs please contact us at info(at)dicentracollective.org


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