Thursday 1/29: Dicentra Collective Benefit Film Night at the Red & Black Café

Dicentra Collective Benefit Film Night at the Red & Black Café

$1-5 suggested donation for the cause and no one turned away for lack of funds, and of course amazing vegan food and drink via the café!

Thursday, January 29th 2009
6pm at the Red & Black Cafe
400 SE 12th Avenue at Oak

Dicentra Collective presents a rarely shown and controversial documentary “Titicut Follies” by filmmaker Frederick Wiseman as part of our creating radical communities of care events series. Prefaced with an introduction to the film and followed by a facilitated discussion, we will explore issues such as physical and mental health, confinement, and care.

“Titicut Follies” (1967, 84 Minutes, Black & White) is a documentary film about the treatment of inmates and patients at Bridgewater State Hospital for the “criminally insane”, a Massachusetts Correctional Institution. The film was banned until 1992, being one of the only in U.S. history to be so for reasons other then pornography. Event participants should note that the film is quite disturbing and at times difficult to watch, as the patients are treated in a horrendous fashion. Dicentra feels that the film provides valuable insight into how those experiencing different realities and mental states are treated in our society.


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